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High School Lettering Program

This program allows skaters who are students grades 9 through 12 who are Home Club Members of the BMVFSC to earn a Varsity Letter in freestyle skating and/or synchronized skating by meeting certain criteria during the skating season.

The following Schools/School Districts participate in the lettering program:
  • ISD 191 Burnsville
  • ISD 194 Lakeville
  • ISD 719 Prior Lake-Savage
  • Holy Angels

Eligibility To Participate

  • All Skaters participating in this program must be currently enrolled students of one of the participating schools in grades 9, 10, 11 or 12.  Home schooled students residing in these districts are also eligible.
  • The Skater must be a current Home Club Member of the BMVFSC and U.S. Figure Skating – both memberships must be in good standing.  The Skater must also be a current member of Team Velocity in order to earn a synchronized skating letter.
  • All skaters must complete all Eligibility Forms as required by the school district, which may also include a Sports Qualifying Physical.
  • Each Skater must pay the activity fee as specified by the school district.
  • Each Skater must attend any applicable meeting as deemed appropriate by the school.
  • Each Skater must adhere to all school district rules, policies and requirements concerning student activities including, but not limited to, attendance, conduct, scholastic standing and other eligibility requirements as required of all school district athletes.  PLEASE NOTE:  If the skater fails to adhere to any of the school district requirements, the skater forfeits the right to letter for that season

BMVFSC Requirements to Obtain A Letter:

  • Must contract at least 150 hours during the season (from June 1st through May 31st) - (Buy-ins DO NOT count toward lettering).
  • Must attain a US Figure Skating Juvenile Freeskate test level for a Freestyle Skating letter. If this test level is not passed during the year, a Participation Certificate will be awarded.
  • Must attain a US Figure Skating Intermediate Field Moves test level for a Synchronized Skating letter.  If this test level is not passed during the year, a Participation Certificate will be awarded.
  • Must participate in a minimum of three (3) "public" US Figure Skating sanctioned events:  one of which must be a US Figure Skating sanctioned competition, one of which must be the annual Impressions on Ice show (which is sanctioned), and the third may be the skaters choice of a US Figure Skating sanctioned competition, ice show, or exhibition.
  • Must attempt at least one US Figure Skating official test per skating season
  • Must adhere to all school district rules, policies, and requirements concerning student activities including attendance, conduct, scholastic standing, and other eligibility requirements. 

The program is periodically approved and reviewed for renewal by the various school districts.  This program honors the commitment and skill of student athlete skaters and enables student skaters to earn recognition in the form of a varsity letter.  Official high school athletic recognition is important to college applicants.  The time demands of figure skating often prevent a student's participation in much of the regular high school varsity sports programs.  Varsity participation is often viewed as a measure of success by colleges and universities.

If you are a student in one of these school districts in grades 9-12 and you are interested in participating in this lettering program, please contact the High School Letting Contact listed on the Board of Directors page.

If you are interested in getting this program started in YOUR school district, please contact any of those listed for information.



The following forms are required to be filled out and submitted by all participants in the program:

Freestyle Letter:
Freestyle Lettering Parent-Skater Agreement
Freestyle Lettering Year End Qualification

Synchro Letter: